Singer Profile: Patti Kolewe

One of Encore’s new singers this spring is Patti Kolewe, who sings in the Hinsdale Encore Chorale along with her husband, Ort. They must be having a good time, since they just referred one of their friends to our summer Encore Rocks! session. Get to know Patti with her thoughts below. It’s great to have them singing with us.

When did you first sing in a choir, and what got you started? If Encore is your first choir, what recently drew you in?

I first sang in our church choir as a teenager.

 List three adjectives that describe the way singing makes you feel.

Happy, free, rejuvenated

 In what ways do you share music with the loved ones in your life?

I share my music by having it playing when my family comes over to visit. Also, I send YouTube videos of performance I enjoy.

What has been your most rewarding choral experience so far?

Learning so much from our director, Jonathan Miller

What is your life’s most memorable musical moment, choral or not?

The most memorable music moment is when my husband and I sang together in a church choir in St. Paul, MN.

Is there anything on your musical bucket list—an experience you’d like to have in music?

Attend a music concert performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

 What do you like best about being part of Encore?

Being directed by Jonathan Miller. The positive energy he gives us as a director is marvelous.

What words do you have to share for anyone who is both interested in singing in a choir and nervous about starting out?

Try it! You have nothing to lose and so many wonderful experience to fill your life!

What three songs would you want on a desert island?

At Last (sang by Etta James), The Prayer (Duet with Céline Dion and Josh Groban), Hey Good Looking’ (sang by Jimmy Buffett).


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