Singer Profile: Leslie Lupo

Meet Leslie Lupo, from the Arlington Heights Encore Chorale! Leslie is an original member of the Encore group at Arlington Heights since it began last fall at the AH Senior Center.


When did you first sing in a choir, and what got you started? If Encore is your first choir, what recently drew you in?

I first sang in youth choirs at Community Church of Rolling Meadows. My earliest experiences making music were around ages 3-4 years. I enjoyed playing tunes on a toy saxophone and toy trumpet, following the colored/numbered written notation. I also loved to sing along with children’s records, standing next to the speaker so that my voice would blend with the recorded singers. In elementary school, I gradually had opportunities to learn more about reading musical notation, singing, and playing the tonette, which eventually lead to taking piano lessons. I finally had a chance to sing choral music at around age 11, and since then there have only been a few years in my life when I wasn’t singing in a choir somewhere.


List three adjectives that describe the way singing makes you feel.

Joyful, challenged, touched


In what ways do you share music with the loved ones in your life?

I have enjoyed singing with “non-singer” friends while driving to help pass the time, and I have loved sharing and instilling a love of music in my daughter. I have also sung for close family members to minister to them in their final days.


What has been your most rewarding choral experience so far?

I have participated in the Do It Yourself Messiah in Chicago for most of the 40+ years it has been in existence. It is one of my favorite ways to prepare for and celebrate Christmas. Singing in a concert hall with an orchestra, a professional director, and professional soloists is a fantasy come true. The sound we make when we sing the “Hallelujah Chorus” is spectacular!


What is your life’s most memorable musical moment, choral or not?

I was especially excited the first time I participated in the Messiah – those “firsts” in life are always very memorable.


Is there anything on your musical bucket list- an experience you’d like to have in music?

I would like to continue to improve my singing technique so that I can continue to sing throughout my life.


What do you like best about being part of Encore?

I enjoy learning to sing a variety of challenging and fun music from a director who really knows his stuff!


What words do you have to share for anyone who is both interested in singing in a choir and nervous about starting out?

Some of us have been doing this for awhile but we are all still learning and having fun doing it. Come join us!


What three songs would you want on a desert island?

The Lord’s Prayer (by Gounod), Help! (the Beatles), and I am Woman (as sung by Helen Reddy)


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