Singer Profile: Ilene Alpert

Ilene Alpert is our singer profile for this week and a wonderful member of our Evanston Chorale. Read on to get to know her more.

When did you first sing in a choir, and what got you started? If Encore is your first choir, what recently drew you in?

I began singing with a choir in high school. A wonderfully talented choral director took a special interest. I have been singing since I was a very young child.

List three adjectives that describe the way singing makes you feel.

Alert, careful, joyous, challenged, connected. 

In what ways do you share music with the loved ones in your life?

My husband supports me by coming to concerts and listening to practice.

 What has been your most rewarding choral experience so far?

Currently I sing with Encore and North Shore Harmonizers. They are both very gratifying.

What is your life’s most memorable musical moment, choral or not?

My life’s most memorable musical moment is singing the Messiah in Orchestra Hall. I hate to think about how young I was then!

Is there anything on your musical bucket list- an experience you’d like to have in music?

Yes, I would have loved to study voice. Unfortunately, it was not an option at the time.

What do you like best about being part of Encore?

Well, I like many things about Encore. Probably the best part is learning from Jonathan.

What words do you have to share for anyone who is both interested in singing in a choir and nervous about starting out?

I’d say, “Don’t wait. It’s a great experience. Everyone is friendly. You don’t know how it will be until you try it.”

What three songs would you want on a desert island?

“I’ve Got Plenty of Nothing,” “S’Wonderful,” and “Ebb Tide.”

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