Singer Profile: Jan Harnish

When did you first sing in a choir, and what got you started? If Encore is your first choir, what recently drew you in?

Sang in choir in concert choir and swing choir in high school.

List three adjectives that describe the way singing makes you feel.

Happy, communicative, accomplished.

In what ways do you share music with the loved ones in your life?

Make up personal songs for each grandchild. I did that for my sons too. Sing songs to grandchildren frequently when we are together.

What has been your most rewarding choral experience so far?

Loved the high school swing choir. The Encore chorale energized me.

What is your life’s most memorable musical moment, choral or not?

Impossible to choose. Overall the connection between me and grandchildren via music.

Is there anything on your musical bucket list- an experience you’d like to have in music?

Would love to see Streisand live.

What do you like best about being part of Encore?

Connections to others.

What words do you have to share for anyone who is both interested in singing in a choir and nervous about starting out?

Just come try it. There are a variety of singing levels in the group.

What three songs would you want on a desert island?

“Bridge over Troubled Water,” “When the Sun Goes a Down,” and “Hallelujah Chorus.”


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