Why Encore?



“It’s fun, good for your mind, body, and soul. An opportunity to experience different cultures through music.”

– Martin B. Singer at the Gold Coast Encore Chorale 

“Jonathan was a fabulous leader- commanding respect from everyone but never singling out or embarrassing anyone. Motivating all to do their best. Each rehearsal accomplished a lot, engrossing and fun!”

– Suzanne A. Singer at the Hyde Park Encore Chorale

“This is the kind of chorus and conductor I’ve been hoping to find since I moved to Illinois in 1998.”

– Marcia H. Singer at the Hinsdale Encore Chorale 

“Exceptionally good. Excellent communication with the pianist. Good vibes all around.”

– Nancy V. Singer at the Gold Coast Encore Chorale


Encore Illinois singing at The Clare and The Merion

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